Welcome to A2B Medical Transportation

We are happy you have joined the A2B team and wish you the greatest success in your new position. At A2B we are engaged in the business of providing safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation.
This handbook is to familiarize you with our rules, regulations and expectations. This handbook will provide you with useful information you will need throughout your employment.
Keep in mind that the subjects covered by the handbook do not cover every possible situation in your daily work.

Thank you and welcome to our team!



As a company and employees, we are a team and both of us have rights as well as responsibilities.
What A2B expects from you:
1. To give us your best efforts
2. To protect our assets and good name
3. To respect the rights and needs of your co-workers as well as our customers
4. To follow our basic rules and procedures-they are for your benefit as well as ours
5. To maintain appropriate dress code, appearance, and cleanliness standards
6. To understand that our rides are the only reason we are here
7. To treat all co-workers and customers with respect and dignity
8. To never discuss customer info with other customers or people other than dispatch or management.
What you can expect from us:
1. To provide competitive wages
2. To provide you with a clean and safe working conditions
3. To respect your rights to make positive suggestions for improvement
4. To recognize your contributions to the company
5. To provide you with the opportunity for job advancement based on your individual performance
6. To work at company growth and success
7. To provide you with a clean, working, fully fueled vehicle
General Safety
Most accidents are caused by carelessness and distractive driving. We are all adults, so be responsible!
1. Drive carefully
2. Do not text while driving (NY State Law)
3. All drivers must have blue tooth
4. Make sure all mirrors are clean and adjusted to your needs
5. All passengers are to remain seated until you arrive at your destination
6. Obey all posted speed limits (drivers are responsible for ALL speeding tickets)
*****Drivers are insured to drive, ride alongs are forbidden unless prior management approval. No exceptions!!

PER NYS Law it is illegal to talk on cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Many clients through Medicaid will report violators of this as it endangers their wellbeing during their transport. Therefore, all drivers must have and use a Bluetooth while on the Medicaid transports. 

Professional Conduct

Dress Code/Uniforms
The personal appearance, grooming and cleanliness of our employees cannot be over emphasized in the medical transportation industry. At A2B our patients expect services provided by drivers who are well groomed and who practice proper hygiene and sanitary standards. Employees are required to practice daily personal hygiene habits that result in clean teeth, hair and skin. Uniforms must be clean and neat not soiled and wrinkled.
All employees must adhere to the current uniform policy and dress code. Employees must purchase their own uniforms. Uniform colors are as follows, blue/pink collared top with tan or black pants.  Uniforms are to be purchased within two weeks of start date. The company reserves the right to determine appropriateness of all clothing worn while at work. Any employees who violates this policy will not be permitted to work until the employee is in compliance with this policy. Continued non-compliance will result in termination.
Cell Phone & Blue Tooth
Cell phones and Bluetooth are mandatory at A2B. They are considered a part of your uniform. The fact that cell phones are required for work, does not mean personal phone calls while patients are in the vehicle will be tolerated. Personal phone calls are not allowed while transporting patients. Personal phone calls should be done on breaks or when alone in vehicle.
Professional conduct must be used at all times. No cursing, derogatory language or sexual harassment will be permitted. Discussing customers business or medical conditions with other customers will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.
Access and Confidentiality
As an employee of A2B, you may have access to confidential information through your employment or computer systems. A patient or employees confidential information is that which identifies the patient or employee. Name, social security number, client I.D, address, telephone number, etc. You will use the information only to perform your daily duties. You will safe guard any confidential information during as well as after your employment with A2B. You will log off the computer systems when stepping away. You will never leave any paper in plain view or unsecured, papers that require disposal and to be sent in the receptacle for shredding (including but not limited to daily rosters, sign off sheets) You understand that violation of your duties as discussed above may independently constitute a violation of applicable criminal laws under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
General Work Info
Drug Policy-Drug tests are mandatory. All employees will be subjected to random testing at employers expense and discretion.
Payday-Employees are paid bi-weekly on Friday. The pay period if from Friday to Thursday.
Holiday-Employees are given most major holidays off. If an employee is required to work on a holiday that the employee will be given notice 24/48 hours in advance.
Vacation/Time Off-Vacation requests should be turned in two weeks prior to the requested time. Time Off requests forms are to be submitted to the main office in South Fallsburg and no later than one week prior to the requested day off.

Incentives-We offer a $25.00 bonus for each trip to Westchester, NYC, NJ, and Albany. (NO Bonus will be paid for trips originating in Kingston or the surrounding locations to Albany). In order to receive the bonus you must also have a valid Westchester permit. To obtain the Westchester permit, or if you need assistance with the paperwork please contact the main office located in South Fallsburg.

Daily Procedure
Please understand that no vehicle is permanently assigned to any one driver. Vehicles may be switched between drivers at any time at the direction of management. Due to this reason we request that personal items be kept to a minimal and be removed from the vehicle each evening.
Drivers are required at the beginning of their shifts to check all fluids and tires before their first trip. This is very important because if there is a problem that is caused by a lack fluid any/all damage coming from the drivers neglecting their daily duties the driver will be held responsible for the repair and or termination. The inside of the vehicle must be clean at all times any and all damages reported immediately!!
Sign Off Sheets are available in the offices. It’s the drivers responsibility to fill out the sheet neatly and accurately.
Please remember the following when doing trips:
Fill out ALL sections of sign off sheets.
If there is a parent and child ask who the patient is that day, the patients name is the one that should be written up top.
Ask patient to spell out name if you are unsure of the spelling, and make sure that it can be clearly read.
Check your cell phone to make sure you are writing the correct date.
If the vehicle that you are driving is not listed on the sign off sheet look for the matching license plate #. If there is no matching license plate # please write it in.  
If you were unable to get any of the trip info that is needed please call dispatch at the end of the day and they can give it to you so that you can fill out your sheets completely.  
The patient is to sign the sheet, as well as the driver
Turn your sheets in daily, if you are doing a late run please turn your sheets in the next morning or make arrangements with management if you are unable to get into the office.
Once you pick up a patient please call dispatch to inform them that the patient is in the car and to verify where the patient will be dropped off. Once you drop off a patient please stay put, call dispatch to clear yourself immediately. Do NOT wait to call dispatch. This adds stress and strain to dispatch and your co-workers.
Due to the unpredictable schedule of appointments for our patients, rest breaks are to be taken as assigned (between calls). All meal breaks are approved by dispatch. Prior authorization from dispatch is needed for breaks (bathroom, food, cigarette, etc.)
At the end of your shift the car is to be filled with gas and internally cleaned. For employees working in the Ulster County area there is a contract set up to clean your cars at Hoffmans. For Sullivan County area there is a contract set up at the Monticello carwash for exterior cleaning only. During the summer months in Sullivan County vehicles are to be washed at the office.
Taking a vehicle home overnight is a privilege and not a right, approved to make the operation more efficient. These vehicles are not to be used for personal errands. If the privilege is being abused it will be taken away resulting in the driver finding their own way to the office to pick up a work vehicle and making it to their first pick up on time. Drivers will be notified in the evening what their tentative initial trip will be for the following day. Keep in mind cancellations/add-ons occur and that initial trip is subject to change. SO we ask that you be ready to start your work day at 7:30 a.m. Being late is unacceptable, it creates a problem for dispatch, co-workers as well as patients.
Should the need arise for an employee to pay out of their pocket for gas or other items needed, management should be contacted prior to and will advise. Provide the receipt to Lead Dispatch in Ulster County, Office Manager in Sullivan County as they are the only ones with access to petty cash to disperse a reimbursement.
You should familiarize yourself with the commonly traveled routes and understand driving times and most efficient use of drivers. 
Remain courteous and polite when answering the phone. 
Delegate calls to drivers. 
You should to the best of your ability evenly disperse calls.
Let drivers know when breaks are available. 
You should know where drivers are at all times (going to pick up a pt, transporting a pt, or waiting) 
Keep accurate records of which drivers are sent to which calls.
Keep accurate record of pickups/returns/no-shows/one ways and update in MAS system if time allows. 
Review entire schedule for following day.
Assign morning trips to drivers prior to 6pm.

All in house sign off sheets, signed off or billed same day.
Filing of all completed paperwork is to be done daily.
Discrepancies of paper work should be investigated using tools provided in the event you are unable to find resolution this should be brought to management’s attention.
All paperwork that is filled out incorrectly needs to be logged and kept in a file to be sent weekly to management.
Remain professional and courteous at all times.
Skills, Proficient in WORD, EXCEL, MAS, Logisticare, E-Paces, Manually completing CMS 1500 forms.
Any errors in billing will be reviewed should they continue this will result in disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Actions and Warnings
Probation-Each employee will be subject to a disciplinary probationary period of 90 days. It allows both the company and the employee to determine if the working relationship will meet both their needs. Upon completion of the probationary period you will be extended permanent employment, termination or in some situations and at the company’s discretion the probation may be an extra 30 days. If that shall occur management will review and advise to the employee why and what they need to do.
Termination, Suspensions & Write ups-Terminations may be initiated at any time by the company. If the employee imitates separation it is considered voluntary. The company requires the employee to submit a letter of resignation two weeks in advance of the requested resignation date. ALL call outs must be done at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled shift. Should you be required to work earlier we will make every attempt possible to assign later evening calls to another driver however, on occasion you may be required to work into the evening shift.
Patient Complaints are taken very seriously.
Violations will be handled as followed (Serious violations will be handled on a case by case basis.)
1. First Offense- Verbal Warning
2. Second Offense- Employee will be written up
3. Third Offense- suspension or termination (company discretion)

I have received and fully understand the guidelines, procedures & policies as provided to me in the A2B manual. I further consent to the electronic transmission of the manual for my records.


-General Safety

Professional Conduct

-Initial -Dress Code/Uniform
-Cell Phone & Blue Tooth
-Access & Confidentiality

Daily Procedure


General Work Info

-Drug Policy

-Vacation/Time Off


Disciplinary Action & Warnings

-Termination, Suspension & Write Ups


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