Q: What is non-emergency medical transportation?
A: Transportation to and from doctors appointments.



Q: How much does non-emergency medical transportation cost?
A: As long as you are eligible there is no out of pocket cost.



Q: Who is eligible for non-emergency medical transportation?
A: Sullivan, orange & ulster county residents who are covered by medicaid and have no other form of transportation.


Q: How do i arrange for transportation?
A: You must obtain prior approval. This can be done by calling:
medicaid enrolles: 1-800-850-5340 or www.medanswering.com
fidelis enrollees: 1-888-444-3144
wellcare enrollees: 1-855-824-5702
hamaspik enrollees: 1-855-552-4642



Q: What information do i need to give?
A: You will need to give your name, address, date of birth, medicaid number, date & time, and name of doctor.



Q: When should i call?
A: You should call at least 3-5 days prior to your appointment (if possible.)


Q:What if I have to do a group ride?

A:Some locations do require group rides, however if you are going to an appointment that is not a group ride destination you can still ask to       use A2B for those appointments


When Scheduling Your Next Appointment Be Sure To Request A2B Medical Transportation!